• Maree Mcmanaway

What is "Sedonna" Letting Go?

Let me talk you through it;


We must all be prepared to let go of that which no longer serves, in order t to let in that which does serve .

m about to do a "Sedonna" letting go with a client. Say its you?

Before, together we have discovered your history, barriers, beliefs that hold you captive, held back, no matter how hard you try to move forwards. I always ensure I am prepared, in myself so that I may carry your process professionally , and gently through this healing, mentally, emotionally and in deed physically clearing.

The aim is to;

Reprogram and re align you to your true more open potential and self, yet without the burdens of histories, hurts, or experiences that have sabotaged you from moving forward. The sessions we share prior, are where and how I gather the information to compile the a very personal mind healing script for you. I liken it to being in VR(Virtual Reality) where everything is exposed, the colours, sounds, images, symbols, physical memory impacts, its just as if you can still relive that time..still with the power to hurt, prevent and paralyze.

In general is takes approximately 20-30 mins.

After letting go clients disciple feeling quite "out of it" yet really calm and connected.Lighter and at peace.

Naturally you still remember memory , as no one can erase the past-yet now the neurotransmitters in the brain that fire the chemical reactions to your thoughts are now offering it without any harmful/hurtful if that memory is now a "Charlie Chapman" black and white movie memory instead. This technique I have used for over 10 years.. all with individual results, yet never once has anyone not noticed improvements.

The once struggle mindset can be Instead awakened/realigned with a newness, tapping into the you before the experience or event in a more aligned truth of oneself . It also seeds a reprogramming of a visual imagery of your now future.

It is such an honor to be part of a clients changes, no matter their very personal and intimate story. The power of knowledge that you seek to improve change or better your life is courageous, and intelligent and I admire all my clients.

Remember we must ALL become beginners to start something new.

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