• Maree Mcmanaway

Are you doing the right or wrong thing?


Happiness is not travelled to,owned, earned or worn or consumed. Happiness is a spiritual experience of living every day with love, grace and gratitude. (Denis Waitley)

I do my part as a cog in life's wheel, to motivate and ease your life path of resistance...and have done for many years. The good thing about my posts lovingly sent out each week to you, with practical suggestions to motivate you, is that they are authentic. You can tell by my often poor grammar or spelling. lol. Making a few bungles here and there is called being human.

Just thinking... I We have all made some great bungles, thank goodness for that, you would not have learnt a thing otherwise. Wow we have all done some silly things. But as for letting another tell you what is right or wrong, never gonna happen. In life do what is right for you, as the authentic self you are. Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back unkindly- it simply means that you are many steps ahead of them. Opinions...who is right or wrong anyway. There is plenty of room, so how about we stop pushing and shoving love for each other for who we are and what we can offer. Throw out the boxes, categories, statistics, and pick up originality, authenticity, and respect. Love -Grace-Gratitude. The one thing all famous authors,artists, world-class athletes, or business tycoons, singers, actors,teachers, doctors and celebrated achievers in any field have in common, is that they all began their journeys without letting nay-saayers matter, or sabotage their authenticity. Often not only succeeding beyond expectations, but also paying it forward, and encouraging others. Just like them you never know how far you can go- even though you cannot see the finish line-and why would you want to! Know each day, every week your authentic journey continues. Make is a great one! Become a yah-sayer not a naysayer...and smile.

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